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Services Available

First and foremost, United Claim Service Public Adjusters work for you.
We advocate for you, to ensure that you, our clients, have a clear voice in the claim adjustment process and how your money is spent.
When you've suffered a loss, you need trustworthy and ethical partners in recovering from the loss to your home or business. We handle property insurance claims, such as fire, lightning, smoke damage, water damage, tornado and more.
Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, we will assist you in the preparation and negotiation of your insurance claim. We provide detailed spreadsheets and valuations which empower you with accurate building damage estimates, complete personal property inventories,  inventories. We also provide homeowner temporary housing claim adjusting services free of charge. Fees apply to structure and contents only. 
We will prepare and properly file required sworn statement in proof of loss documents to keep you in compliance with the requirements of your insurance policy.
Our Public Adjusters make sure you are empowered through the claims process, understand each step and know your options.

Claim Documents Preparation

Navigating the world of insurance claims is complex, and hopefully something you will only have to do once in your life. It's our business to stay up to date with rules and regulations, trends and new issues. We work for you to make sure that your claim is prepared in a manner that provides you with the best outcome.

Building Damage Claim Estimates

After your home or business building has been damaged, one of the first questions you may have is "How much will it cost to repair my building"? The second question will be "Will my insurance policy cover it all?" We work for you to put together the best estimate for repairs to your home or business. Whether they are extensive or limited repairs, we work hard for you to ensure that your insurance policy pays out the fair amount for a repair. That process starts with the comprehensive and solid claim estimate.

Personal Content Inventory

Unfortunately, fire or other disasters cause significant damage to personal possessions or business contents items and equipment. Determinations must be made regarding what is salvageable and what must be replaced. A very important part of our service is working to create a comprehensive inventory of total loss and salvageable items. The replacement cost and actual cash value of such items must be determined in order for you to be paid for your losses.
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We can connect you with trusted professionals to help you take care of your to-do list. 

Emergency Services

After damage has occurred to your home or business, we can provide services and partners to ensure that your home or business is protected from further damage. Our trusted service firms can help ensure that your property is kept safe and sound as soon as possible.

Interim Housing Assistance

When severe damage occurs, temporary housing will be needed immediately and until repairs have been completed. We assist homeowners with the task of finding temporary housing for you and your family. 

Personal Contents Cleaning and Restoration

Homeowner's and business  insurance doesn't only cover the structure - it also covers your personal belongings. After a loss occurrence, some items may be salvageable, require repair, refinishing and storage until the items can be returned to you. We have access to the right firms for the tasks at hand!

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

Even a seemingly minor house fire can cause smoke and moisture damage to your clothing, linens and other textile items. We'll help you make the right decision about whom to hire and what to have cleaned.

Building Restoration Services

All homes damaged by fire, smoke and water will require repair and restoration by expert contractors with the right background and experience, in order to return your home to a livable space. The builders with whom we work are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry and are locally based.
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