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If you have questions about your rights in filing an insurance claim, or about laws regulating the public adjusting practice, this is a good place to start.
What is the Difference Between a Public Adjuster, a Staff Adjuster and an Independent Adjuster?
Did you know that Insurance Companies have both staff adjusters and independent adjusters that represent them in the claims process? Public Adjusters represent the policy holder, not the insurance companies. We work for you! Read the Minnesota Statute that outlines the differences and addresses the licensing requirements for Public Adjusters.
Regulation of Claim Practices
Read about rules insurance companies and all adjusters must follow.
Check on Contractor Licensing
Has your home or business been damaged in a fire? You probably have many contractors interested in helping you.  Find out if they are licensed in the state of Minnesota.
What is a "Total Loss?" - Minnesota Valued Policy Law
How much damage has to occur before a specifically insured home or business building is considered a Total Loss? Read the Minnesota Statute regarding this question.
MN Commerce Bulletin 2010-4
Did you know that a licensed restoration contractor is barred from acting as a public insurance adjuster? This MN Department of Commerce Bulletin from 2010 provides details.
MN Standard Fire Insurance Policy Statute
Interested in finding out about what a standard Fire Insurance Policy includes? Read the Minnesota statute to find out more about the basis for your property insurance policy.
Demolition Escrow Statute
If your dwelling or business building is damaged due to fire or explosion, the city in which the building is located may be able to claim 25% of the amount of the building claim and hold the money in a restricted escrow account, unless or until the building is repaired or demolished. Read the statute to find out more.

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