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About United Claim Service, Inc

Since 1972, United Claim Service, Inc.  has represented insured homeowners and business owners in Minnesota.
  • Our commitment to our clients is to fairly and honestly represent their interests; working for them to obtain the best possible settlement of their property insurance claims.
  • We represent the insured policyholder only! We never represent an insurance company.
  • We specialize in the preparation, negotiation and settlement of home and business first-party property insurance claims, which arise from perils insured against, with particular emphasis on fire insurance loss claims.
  • We have prepared and negotiated thousands of major loss claims since 1972. We are based in Bloomington, Minnesota and presently concentrate our efforts in Minnesota.
  • It is our mission to guide our client through the claim process as quickly as possible, while seeking to obtain the best results possible.
  • Our public adjusters are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. We are also licensed, bonded and insured. We also take our pledge to comply with NAPIA Rules of Professional Conduct and Ethics very seriously. (See complete rules below) 

Meet the Team

Mike Pakkala, Sr. 

As the leader of this family operated business, Mike takes pride in providing an ethical and trustworthy advocacy service for home and business owners who have suffered a loss to their property and need a voice in the process. Mike has been licensed as a public adjuster since August, 1973 and also has been an insurance company territory adjuster and mult-state claim manager. His experience on both sides of the insurance claims table means he can level the playing field for his clients. 

Mike Pakkala, Jr. 

Mike Pakkala, Jr. has been working for clients adjusting losses since 1993. Since starting, he has served in nearly every capacity in the adjusting business, which means he knows the proper way to get the job done. Mike enjoys helping home and business owners have a voice in the process, and takes pride in providing a quality outcome for all of his clients. 

Marguerite Pakkala

Much like her role in the Pakkala family, Marguerite Pakkala serves as the General Manager for United Claim Service - her role is to provide general administrative support for the team. Marguerite is the glue that holds the office together, and also the oil that keeps everything moving.

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